Phillip De Wet

Dairy farm puts Guptas directly in firing line

The stench of rotting cow carcasses will pale in comparison to the stink the Estina probe will cause

It’s a tricky business to track down Gupta assets

Just which legal entities bought the craft that propelled Heritage to new heights is not clear; the leaked emails run out.

Zuma to fight ‘two presidents’ attempt on NPA head

President Jacob Zuma will oppose efforts to confirm a high court order that would remove National Prosecuting Authority head Shaun Abrahams.

Orania pins its hopes on Ramaphosa

Afrikaner homeland ambitions may be renewed following the change in the political winds in both South Africa and Europe

Western Cape – boreholes made illegal

As of noon on Monday, virtually every domestic borehole user in the Western Cape started to break a rule that was, at the time, less than 72 hours old

In danger or not, all mayors may have bodyguards

Previously councils had to ask the South African Police Service for a threat and risk analysis before they were allowed to pay for mayoral bodyguards.

Gauteng faces subpoena in possible BP criminal prosecution

An environmental group is trying to force a defiant provincial department to provide crucial evidence.

Call it fake news and call it out

Fake news exists. It’s propaganda, false and designed to cause harm — and it’s actionable

Assault sparks journalists’ boycott

The forceful eviction of a reporter from Nasrec unleashed the pent-up frustrations of those trying to report on the ANC’s conference

​ANC voting continues as leaders tweet their choices

Between midnight and sunrise five provinces cast their votes for the top leadership of the ANC, and top leaders were nailing their colours to the mast

Koko’s Eskom comeback now depends on interdict plans

​The return to Eskom of its controversial CEO Matshela Koko may still depend on legal action

ConCourt prepares to hear bid to block Zuma corruption decision

Zuma, Abrahams, the NPA, and the justice department have until January 19 to file their opposition to the Concourt matter.

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