Pia Ohlin
Guest Author
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/ 4 October 2006

US scientist wins Nobel, 47 years after his father

Roger Kornberg of the United States won the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday for work on a key process of life called genetic transcription. Kornberg (59) received the distinction ”for his fundamental studies concerning how the information stored in the genes is copied, then transferred to those parts of the cells that produce proteins”.

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/ 30 August 2006

Swedish women cock their rifles as hunting season starts

A record number of women are expected to take part in Sweden’s annual moose hunt when it opens next week, with women now making up a quarter of those passing hunting exams, officials say. Hunting is a hugely popular national pastime in Sweden, in particular the moose hunt, and is as much a part of life for the country’s working class as it is for the rich.