Piers Pigou

South Africa can reclaim its role as a diplomatic powerhouse in Africa

Pretoria can make a real difference in helping to solve conflicts and other issues in Burundi, the DRC, South Sudan and Zimbabwe

After disputed elections, Zimbabwe government’s credibility is in jeopardy

Zimbabwe’s disputed elections have reinforced political divisions as the Constitutional Court hears an opposition challenge of the results.

EXPLAINER: Everything you need to know about Zimbabwe’s election

The candidates, the controversies, the credibility issues — this is the ultimate election primer

Democracies die behind closed doors: Battling for the right to know

Avoidance and refusal have become default settings in government as requests for more information are routinely ignored.

Back to the future for Zimbabwe

Inclusive government was always a misnomer and the elections will only cement its demise, writes <b>Piers Pigou</b>.

Zim land-reform myths: Beyond false binaries

An appreciation of the potential of peasant agricultural production in Zimbabwe is not new, argues <b>Piers Pigou</b>.

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