Rafael Winkler

The ‘master’ and the slave: an analysis

Professor Rafael Winkler unravels several philosophies of the age that lie behind an anti-slavery 19th century lithograph

The fraud of happiness

Institutes and research centres that insist on happiness as a goal lure one into accepting the status quo on the basis of the fraudulent notion that happiness is possible. It is not

Can selfishness and altruism be unscrambled? And what of love?

Our egos are shaped by who we identify with and we rank those categories with whom we identify. Selfishness and self-interest are in the interest of these others we identify; altruism is a function of selfishness

Reconsider the decolonisation project

I recently edited a special issue for a journal on sexuality, capitalism and Africa. It was based on the topic that served as the...

The end of the world is nigh – but we can stop it

The tone of scientific reports on the climate crisis is religious yet the cause is a capitalist view of natural resources

Communitarian ideals in capitalist workplaces

Companies are trying to build community among workers. But this can have sinister side-effects

Notre-Dame blaze a symbol of the transience of ‘civilisation’

The image of the iconic church on fire interrupted the French nation’s link to its heritage and history

Risking all defies the laws of economics

In economic terms, a decision to give up everything in return for nothing is irrational but in human terms it can lead to irreversible change

Universities in the neoliberal age

The colonisation of higher education by neoliberalism is a sinister assault on academic freedom

The intolerable loss of dignity

Obliterating being human is beyond our comprehension and so we invoke evil and dignity – but the wound is indelible

Capitalism hasn’t sidelined religion. It’s made it thrive

We are led to believe that the free market gives rise to secular societies, when the opposite is true

Classification, whether by race or any other arbitrary factor, obliterates the person

Justice demands that we see people as singular, unique individuals

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