Raphael G Satter

English tremors blamed on shale fracking

A company using hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas from shale rock said the technique probably did trigger earth tremors in April and May.

London riot leaves 26 officers injured

The violent riot that tore through a deprived north London neighbourhood and injured 26 police officers has cast a pall over Britain's capital

‘England’s first lady of horror’ dies

Ingrid Pitt, famous for her depictions in <i>Countess Dracula</i> and <i>Vampire Lovers</i> passed away on Tuesday.

Veteran horror actress, Ingrid Pitt, dies

One of Britain's best-known horror stars, Ingrid Pitt, died on Tuesday at the age of 73. She is survived by a husband, daughter and granddaughter.

Fake cash, pop-up tents and protests to hit London

They're printing fake money, priming the pop-up tents and putting the finishing touches on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Noisy sex gets man banned from girlfriend’s home

A British man has been banned from visiting his girlfriend's home after neighbours complained about noisy sex.

SMS ‘toilet’ to find relief

A new service promises Londoners they'll never have to spend much time looking for the loo. Westminster city council, which covers London's bustling Oxford Street, the West End and the Houses of Parliament, on Thursday launched ''SatLav'' -- a toilet-finding service for cellphone users.

Don’t ban Facebook, British employers told

Employers should allow their workers to befriend, chat and ''poke'' each other through online networking sites while at work, Britain's largest labour federation says. The Trades Union Congress says a ban on sites such as Facebook and MySpace ''may be something of an overreaction''.

Mandela statue unveiled in London

A frail Nelson Mandela on Wednesday attended the unveiling of his statue opposite Britain's Parliament in a ceremony recognising him as one of the greatest leaders of his age. Mandela made his way gingerly to the platform for the ceremony, leaning on the arm of his wife, Graca Machel, and waved to an applauding crowd.

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