Raymond Colitt

Brics development bank a go

The largest emerging economies will push ahead with a $50-billion development bank to provide alternative funding for the Brics countries.

Five, and counting: Brazil tourism minister quits

Brazil's tourism minister resigned on Wednesday -- the fifth Cabinet member to resign in three months -- over allegations of ethics violations.

Can Brics build support for the eurozone?

The Brics are considering offering support to the euro area, possibly by buying bonds, but there are doubts that a significant plan will materialise.

Rousseff takes over booming Brazil

When Dilma Rousseff is sworn in on Saturday as Brazil's next president, she will take the reins of an emerging giant with a booming economy.

Brazil’s candidate Rousseff under fire in TV debate

Brazil's ruling party candidate and front-runner in next week's presidential election came under heavy fire in a debate over corruption allegations.

Ahmadinejad tests Lula diplomacy in Brazil visit

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Brasilia on Monday seeking support for his controversial nuclear programme.

Venezuela begins shutdown of 34 radio stations

More than a dozen of 34 radio stations ordered shut by the Venezuelan government went off the air on Saturday.

Obama honeymoon with Venezuela’s Chávez may be over

When Hugo Chávez told Barack Obama he wanted to be his friend, there appeared to be a chance he would tone down his anti-US rhetoric.

Rich and poor gird for climate change

People around the world are preparing for floods, droughts and other natural disasters in ways largely dictated by wealth and poverty as evidence of climate change mounts, a United Nations report said on Tuesday. Even if countries took steps to cut greenhouse gases, temperatures would continue to rise until 2050 due to accumulated carbon emissions.

Lula set to win Sunday’s poll, needs unity

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is set to clinch victory in a run-off election on Sunday but will have to forge national reconciliation after an acrimonious campaign. Lula is expected to win over former São Paulo state governor Geraldo Alckmin with about 61% of the vote, with 39% going to Alckmin two polls showed on Saturday.

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