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#ZumaUnrest: How to verify images on your smartphone

With rising awareness of “fake news”, people are more cautious of reflexively hitting share. But how can you quickly verify whether what you’re seeing is true, especially when you’re on your mobile phone?

#ZumaUnrest: How to spot fakes and hoaxes online

Here is a guide on what can be done to prevent the spread of fake news online

SPCA dropped by National Lottery Commission

​A cut in funding from the national lottery has forced the SPCA to reduce its free services, including the work it does in poor communities.

Where does the DA get its facts from?

The DA makes claims to some great successes, and Africa Check takes a look at how much information it has to back them up.

Dasnois axing resurrects Rasool ‘brown envelope scandal’

Personalities linked to the media bribery scandal involving Ebrahim Rasool have resurfaced in a campaign to support Iqbal Survé.

ANC billboard’s sanitation claim is false

Claims by the ANC that 36-million South Africans have been given access to sanitation since 1994 are "exaggerated", according to an expert.

‘White’, ‘Jewish’ land ownership comments can’t be verified

Statistics to support Marius Fransman's comments that 98% of Cape Town's land owners are "white" and "Jewish" actually do not exist.

Why social network surveys don’t necessarily reflect the views of SA’s youth

Do social network surveys accurately reflect the views of SA's youth? And are the media being critical enough when electing to publish their findings?

Resistance Is Futile

There are many theories why big conglomerates are suddenly buying up independent "community" newspapers, but the answer appears simply to lie in the sector's exponential growth in revenues. Raymond Joseph considers what this means for the grassroots voice.

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