Rebecca Haynes

Transport retirement fund making its mark

The fund brings stability to people's lives and to help gear the country and its people for a brighter future

Enhancing Gauteng’s public transport sector

The approved GMA Amendment Bill will help to create safe, affordable and reliable mobility for Gauteng citizens

An epitome of leadership

It's time to reflect on what makes Tambo such a good example, says Sanral head

Lessons from a true leader

'We need to own these leaders of the past. We hear about these leaders through others'

Walking in the footsteps of a giant

'Tambo always believed that through debate and dialogue, everyone would reach a better conclusion'

Reaching and teaching the stars

Parktown Girls provides young women with a chance to express themselves in academics, sports and cultural activities

Holistic education – with an insistence on high standards

Pretoria Boys High School is the largest of its kind in the country

Nuclear will overcome recent ruling setback

Niasa's managing director weighs in on our nuclear prospects and procedures

Passion and emotion for change

Thinking differently about funding projects can help good causes

Winners changing the Gauteng economy

The awards help to change negative perceptions of township-based businesses

Social & Community: Ditshiamiso Business Enterprise

'We believe that we also proved to the judges that we can make a difference in the community by creating opportunities for young people'

Transport, Automotive and Components: Nyembe Waste Management

'The prize money won will enable me to buy stock and a delivery truck'

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