Rebone Tau

Julius Malema: The firebrand who shapes SA’s discourse

Love him or loathe him, Julius Malema has had a dramatic impact on the local political landscape

Sona 2022: Tell us what’s happened, Mr President

The president needs to report back to South Africa on what his government has – and hasn’t – achieved since 2018

Youth unity lost when students bicker and sober-minded leadership is needed to push our struggles forward

'Where are we, in 2016, as the youth of South Africa? What direction are we taking?'

Thin line between anarchy and militancy

ANC youth need to know that insulting elders doesn't make us militant, we won't sit down for those showing signs of anarchy, writes Rebone Tau.

Stoke the true fires of our heritage

Renaming Heritage Day as National Braai Day reduces and cheapens the meaning behind the public holiday, says Rebone Tau.

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