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/ 25 March 2005

Down in the bogs

Industry-driven policing through a proposed Peat Users’ Association is being mooted to ensure responsible peat mining and use in South Africa. Peat is a type of wetland soil that is high in organic content. Significantly, the vast mires (peat-forming wetlands) of the northern hemisphere hold about a third of the world’s soil carbon. But peat mining is alsp destroying precious wetlands and water resources.

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/ 17 January 2005

Putting a price on fresh air

The case of global warming is instructive, particularly in the wake of Pretoria’s October 2004 climate-change policy, which promotes World Bank-designed "carbon trading". This approach endorses the idea of the right to pollute as a property right granted free to big business, which can then trade in pollution rather than reducing industrialised country emissions.

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/ 23 April 2004

As ancient as the Barberton hills

A team of South African and international scientists working in the Barberton area, Mpumalanga, has found evidence of microbial life as old as 3,5-billion years in volcanic glass. These glass-munching microbes can claim the title of ”oldest life on Earth” at 3,5-billion years of age.