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Richard Hayward

Is your governing body effective?

Every board of governors or school governing body is in a state of continual change.

Guard against stealing

There are ways to cut down drastically on stealing at school, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

Dealing with team tension

Reducing the turmoil that can occur when groups of people work together can be achieved through the use of quality circles, writes Richard Hayward.

The right person for the job

The critical factor that makes quality education happen is the teacher at every level in the system, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

ANA doesn’t mean eina

Teachers in England and Australia have expressed justified reservations about standardised tests.

Time savers for the busy teacher

Making use of these tips will help you to be a better teacher, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

Attendance awareness counts

A day absent from school is a learning opportunity lost forever, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

The pitfalls of a new job

Taking up a promotion or a new teaching post can be tricky, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>, who warns of the pitfalls.

Competition vs participation

Use both wisely and you will see excellent results, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

Rules for success

To set goals that can be achieved, you need to stick to a certain formula.

Change for the better

Certain leadership styles are needed to ensure that new ideas are successful and happily accepted, writes <b>Richard Hayward</b>.

Is there a bully in the staffroom?

Following the popularity of an article on staffroom bullying last year, we are featuring another one as this problem is recurring.

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