Richard Hayward

Icasa’s quality of service and cross-border divisions: ensuring quality access

Co-operation with regulatory authorities in neighbouring countries is essential

Excellent discipline and body language go together

You, the teacher, are in charge, so walk into your classroom with your chin up and straight posture

Good teachers are all around us

Great South African teachers are those who constantly go beyond the call of duty

Show me the quality

Teachers and pupils should advertise their achievements with righteous pride.

School management problems solved easily

Principles of quality management in organisations can be used in class too.

Schools also need moms and dads

Parental support is crucial to create quality education for our children.

Brazil to impose quality control on Asian imports

Brazil plans to impose strict quality control on imports from China and other Asian nations to prevent the influx of cheap goods.

Keeping quality in check

Have you noticed how some schools and institutions really 'walk the talk' when it comes to efficiency?

Speaking without opening your mouth

Only 7% of effective communication is conducted through words. Here are eight ways of getting your message across without speaking.

Question the quality of your school

Schools need to test their quality and conducting a questionnaire is one good way of doing that.

Rather safe than sorry: schools need to have a plan for potential crises

Being prepared for potential crises is essential for schools.

Schools need to adapt and adopt

High quality schools can learn a lot from the way businesses operate

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