Richard Ingham

Know thy enema

The enduring mystery surrounding the demise of Napoleon Bonaparte has just been given another twist. The official verdict, supported by an autopsy, was that l'Empereur died of stomach cancer on May 5, 1821, at the age of 51, while in exile on Britain's South Atlantic island colony of St Helena.

Mandela, Gates join fight against TB

The charisma of Nelson Mandela and the cheque book of Bill Gates joined forces at the International Aids Conference in Bangkok on Thursday to lay assault on tuberculosis (TB). Mandela branded TB a silent slayer in the HIV/Aids pandemic, while Gates's charity unveiled a ,7-million grant.
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  • How the digital revolution is reshaping news

    Cheap digital technology is revolutionising the way news is gathered, disseminated and perceived -- and in doing so, it is stoking a controversy. Over the past weeks, the world has reeled to the pictures of United States troops abusing Iraqi prisoners and the beheading of US contract worker Nicholas Berg.

    Eyes to the sky for a celestial showcase

    Blazing across the heavens during the next month or so will be two fiery stars -- the first comets of the millennium that are expected to be visible with the naked eye. Then, in June, Earth, Venus and the sun will all be directly aligned, staging a cosmic eclipse that no human alive today has seen.

    Aids: It’s about life and death

    As South African President Thabo Mbeki stumbled into another Aids controversy, the International Conference on Aids in Africa, (Icasa) which finished in Nairobi on Friday reached a consensus: the world's poorest, Aids-devastated continent now has access to the serious money and modern drugs that it has fruitlessly sought for years.

    Mars up close and personal

    August is proving an unforgettable month for amateur astronomers as they turn their gaze on Mars, now at its closest to Earth since Neanderthals walked our planet, a proximity of this kind last occurring nearly 60 000 years ago.

    Aids blunts treatments and laughs at vaccines

    Scientists from around the world gather in Paris this Sunday for an update on the war against Aids, gloomily aware that good news will be rare and that, after more than two decades, they still lack basic knowledge about their foe.

    Sombre outlook for Jo’burg Summit

    The biggest attempt to tackle the Earth's worsening environment problems and help the planet's poorest gets underway in less than two weeks, but already the prospect of failure hangs over the Johannesburg summit.
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