Richard Pithouse

Affirming medicine as a public good

Medical science has developed hugely powerful technologies that can be used for social purposes. But to achieve this, it needs to be clearly on the side of the people

A hard and perilous road ahead for SA

We must hold the line against authoritarianism and ensure political participation by the majority

Johnny Clegg in retrospect: it all began with Juluka

This piece was first published in October 2000 to mark the 21st anniversary of 'Universal Men', the celebrated debut album by Juluka.

Johnny Clegg: Rebel, intellectual, musician

​In death, the artist begins the process of becoming a collective ancestor for South Africans and others around the world

South Africa must avoid authoritarian solutions

A nationalistic, gangster political faction is ready to exploit the crisis created by social inequality

Avoid a Modi authoritarian solution for South Africa

A nationalistic, gangster political faction is ready to feed off the crisis created by social inequality

ANC factions rely on silence from the poor

Our history has shown that the exercise of democratic reason can shake power from below

A hundred years on and I see you, ICU

The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union’s contribution to freedom is mostly unsung

Postcolony SA needs to work out a new way

Until a democratic order delivers some form of social justice, we will lurch from crisis to crisis

Exclusion will continue to fuel corruption

The abuse of state resources is devastating for the poor but it opens a door for people who often have no other way of getting ahead

A genuine democracy is needed

Stability demands that those who are brutally excluded must be given a meaningful voice

Elitism remains the enemy of democracy

Ramaphosa’s inability to imagine an emancipatory path takes us back to an unsustainable elitism

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