Robbie Corey Boulet

Wounds of war cast pall on Ethiopia’s epiphany festival

Festivities were stained with signs of the war's toll: Gondar's hospitals teemed with wounded combatants, while families like Arega's confronted the absence of the deceased.

Scores of children die of starvation in Tigray hospitals

Some 29% of children are acutely malnourished, up from 9% before the war

Ethiopia detains 72 World Food Programme drivers

A United Nations spokesperson said the latest detentions had occurred in the capital of Afar province, on the only functional road leading into famine-threatened Tigray.

Mass arrests of Tigrayans sow fear in Ethiopia

Far from Ethiopia war front, mass arrests ensnare fearful Tigrayans

Polls in Ethiopia’s Tigray set to escalate standoff with Abiy

In recent days Abiy's office has instructed the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority to call journalists working for foreign media outlets to pressure them not to cover the vote

‘US good, China bad’ is Pompeo’s message to Africa

During his African tour this past week, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked up Washington’s ability to stimulate growth and entrepreneurship on the continent.

Ethiopia to vote on breakaway state highlights battles over autonomy

At present, Ethiopia is partitioned into nine semi-autonomous regional states

‘Killing without any reason’: Deaths in rural Ethiopia spark outcry

The violence is unfolding ahead of elections next year in one of the country's most volatile and ethnically diverse areas

Going green: Ethiopia’s bid to plant four billion trees

Abiy is leading by example as Ethiopia plans to plant a mind-boggling four billion trees by October

Ethiopia faces showdown over push for new region

The Sidama say they plan to unilaterally declare their own federal state this week

Ethiopia army chief, local officials killed amid regional ‘coup’ bid

Violence flared on Saturday afternoon in Amhara, one of nine autonomous regions, when a 'hit squad' attacked a meeting of top officials

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