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Scientists find links to ‘God particle’

Scientists have found signs of the Higgs boson, an elementary sub-atomic particle thought to have played a vital role in the creation of the universe.

Mystery ‘creation’ particle still evades scientists

The mysterious "creation" particle believed to have turned flying debris into stars and planets at the dawn of the universe has evaded capture.

Picasso Zurich exhibition recreates art landmark

In September 1932, already a world-famous artist, Pablo Picasso drove from Paris to Zurich for the opening of a mega-exhibition.

UN seeks $7,1-billion for emergency relief in 2010

The UN called on richer governments on Monday to provide ,1-billion in 2010 to fund humanitarian assistance for 48-million people in 25 countries.

‘Big Bang’ collider sets particle beam record

The ''Big Bang'' experiment at Cern scored a world record on Monday by accelerating beams to the highest energy ever achieved in a particle collider.

UN report says torture rife in Equatorial Guinea

cPolitical prisoners and criminal detainees are systemically tortured in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, a United Nations investigator said on Wednesday.

Scientists send first beam round particle-smasher

Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) started up a huge particle-smashing machine on Wednesday.

IATA cuts 2008 air-industry outlook

The airline industry body IATA slashed its forecast for industry profits in 2008 on Wednesday, warning that the spiralling cost of fuel and the impact of the credit crunch would reverse expected growth. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reduced its forecast for 2008 industry profits by one third to -billion.

‘Children of Gaza and Zimbabwe deserve better’

Children in Gaza and Zimbabwe desperately need help to ensure they have food, clean water and schooling, a senior United Nations official said on Monday. Dan Toole, director of emergency programmes for Unicef, said a shortage of donor cash was having a dramatic effect in the territories.

Tutu urges Israel, Palestinians to protect rights

South African Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu called on Wednesday on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to ensure that violations of human rights and humanitarian law in their region were punished. In a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, he also called for an international investigation of the Israeli shelling of the town of Beit Hanoun in Gaza last November.

Visa row: UN team cancels Darfur visit

United Nations human rights investigators on Wednesday called off a visit to Darfur after Sudanese officials demanded the removal of the UN's former top rights official from the group. The six-member team, set up last December by the UN Human Rights Council, said it would pursue its work without entering the country.

Aid groups say trade reform menaces poor farmers

International aid groups warned on Tuesday that if rich powers succeeded in forcing open agricultural markets in developing countries it would destroy poor farmers and cause massive social disruption.

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