Robert J Saiget
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/ 29 March 2008

Foreign diplomats want unfettered access in Tibet

Foreign diplomats demanded unfettered access in Lhasa Saturday after authorities allowed them to visit the riot-torn city amid debate in Europe on a possible boycott of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Diplomats from 15 embassies, including those of the United States, Britain, France and Japan, arrived in the Tibetan capital for a hastily arranged one-day tour.

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/ 19 May 2005

China hit by another coal-mine disaster

Fifty-one miners are missing and feared dead after a gas explosion early on Thursday ripped through an illegally operating coal mine near Chengde city in northern China’s Hebei province, the government said. China relies on coal for 70% of its energy needs, leading many mine owners to disregard safety in order to meet demand.

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/ 1 February 2005

China’s migrant labour flexes its muscle

Labour disputes in southern China’s booming Guangdong province are becoming increasingly prominent as an unprecedented army of 30-million migrant workers clamours for better conditions and treatment. This astonishing influx of cheap labour has been the engine of China’s capitalist miracle, officials say, making Guangdong the nation’s most prosperous region.