Roddy Thomson

EU ponders debt relief as a ‘signal of change’ for Arab states

European governments have planned a radical offer of "debt relief" to its Arab North African and Middle Eastern neighbours.

EU begins its ambition to rewrite eurozone budgets

Europe has started down a road to far-reaching legal changes that would see the EU police budgets before they pass domestic lawmakers.

Europe digs ever deeper debt hole

Experts say Europe is digging an ever-deeper hole as it vows to resolve the euro zone crisis.

Demonstrations amid ongoing euro zone debt fears

A mass anti-austerity protest, called by unions, has taken to the streets, as EU ministers cut short talks on the euro zone debt crisis.

Recession ends across Europe

Europe's deepest recession since World War II officially ended on Friday when it joined Japan and the US in returning to growth.

Europe ups G20 ante with bonus ‘clawback’ deal

A bid to jolt Barack Obama into agreeing a future "clawback" of excessive banker's bonuses at next week's G20 summit gathered momentum on Friday.

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