Romeo Ranoco

Sacked policeman holds tourists hostage in Manila

A Filipino angry at being fired from the police was holding hostage 15 Hong Kong tourists and their driver on a bus in downtown Manila on Monday.

‘We want to see our relatives, even if they are dead’

Divers found ghostly white bodies floating inside a passenger ferry in the Philippines on Tuesday, raising fears of a mass grave below the waves.

Hopes fade for Philippine ferry victims

Rescuers held little hope on Monday of finding about 800 people missing from a capsized ferry in the Philippines as large swells hampered divers.

Marathon count follows bloody Philippines poll

Filipinos braced themselves for allegations of fraud and more violence on Monday as a lengthy vote count followed congressional and local elections marred by ambushes and shoot-outs. At least six people were killed during polling, which was expected to maintain the political status quo.

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