Rory Carroll

Obama chases Exit with a Bear

The most dangerous activity a sitting United States president is usually allowed to do is drive a golf cart.

Three more women bring charges of sexual assault against Cosby

Three more women, including an actress who appeared on the Cosby Show, have come forward and accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and harassment.

Furious Faeries flay Facebook

The social network's policy on anonymity is angering people who have taken new names.

JFK: A conspiracy of echoes

Theories about the death of John F Kennedy are in overdrive as the 50th ?anniversary of his death approaches — even John Kerry is weighing in.

Giving the snoops the runaround

A small internet service provider that fiercely safeguards users' data is a model of transparency.

Facebook bows to outcry over sexist content

Facebook has agreed to update policies in response to protests by more than 100 advocacy groups over content promoting violence against women.

Leavening Las Vegas

Tony Hsieh, a millionaire rock-star software developer, is turning his attention to urban regeneration in the seedy downtown of Sin City.

Blogging the brutal truth about Mexico’s drug wars

Blog del Narco – – has become a must-read for authorities, drug gangs.

Latin America: The ball’s in Obama’s court

As the Chávez era draws to a close, the US has a chance to build potentially lucrative relationships.

Death pits Chávs against Cháv nots

Drawn from the ruling party or not, Hugo Chávez’s successor will have to face the fallout of socialist revolution.

Chávez: From a poor boy to a leftwing figurehead

Venezuela's leader Hugo Chávez has left a legacy of literacy and healthcare for the poor, alongside crumbling infrastructure and a dependence on oil.

An app a day keeps the doc away

If the latest gadgets are anything to go by, technology is becoming the key to wellness. Rory Carroll reports.

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