Ross Colvin
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/ 14 January 2008

US troops kill 60 in Iraq al-Qaeda offensive

The United States military said on Monday it had killed 60 militants during a week-long, US-led offensive in northern Iraq against al-Qaeda, a resilient foe that has resisted previous attempts to drive it from the region. The US military, which has declared al-Qaeda the single greatest threat to Iraq’s security, launched the offensive on January 8.

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/ 6 January 2008

Bomb hits Iraq Army Day celebrations

A suicide bomber killed nine people during celebrations to mark Army Day in the eastern Baghdad suburb of Karrada on Sunday, the latest in an upsurge of suicide bombings in Iraq. The blast took place outside the offices of an NGO called the Iraqi Unity Gathering, which had been hosting an event for army officers and tribal leaders from both of Iraq’s religious sects.

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/ 29 October 2007

Bike-riding suicide bomber kills 28 Iraqi police

A suicide bomber on a bicycle killed 28 Iraqi police officers doing their morning exercises at a base north of Baghdad on Monday in one of the deadliest strikes on security forces in months. The attack was a reminder that despite a United States-led crackdown, groups such as al-Qaeda are determined to carry on fighting.

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/ 28 May 2007

US, Iran hold rare talks on Iraq violence

The United States urged Iran on Monday to stop supporting militias in Iraq in the most high-profile meeting between the two countries in almost 30 years, which both sides later described as positive. The rare talks in Baghdad were narrowly focused on Iraq’s spiralling sectarian violence and did not touch on Iran’s controversial nuclear programme.

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/ 18 April 2007

Iraq PM sees security control by year’s end

Iraq plans to take security control of the whole country from foreign forces by the end of the year, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Wednesday after British forces handed over control of a southern province. Fiery anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is increasing pressure on Maliki to set a timetable for the withdrawal of 146 000 United States troops from Iraq.

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/ 24 March 2007

Suicide bombers strike in Iraq, killing dozens

Suicide bombers struck in Baghdad and to the west and south of the capital on Saturday in a string of attacks on mostly Iraqi police targets that killed more than 30 people and wounded dozens, most of them policemen. In the worst attack, a man driving a truck packed with explosives blew up outside a police station in Baghdad’s volatile southern district of Dora, killing 20.

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/ 18 February 2007

Car bombs kill 56 in Baghdad

Two car bombs tore through a shopping area of a mainly Shi’ite district of Baghdad on Sunday, killing 56 people and wounding scores as militants defied a military offensive by United States and Iraqi troops. The blasts came two days after Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki trumpeted what he called the ”brilliant success” of Operation Imposing Law in quelling sectarian violence.

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/ 15 February 2007

Iraq shuts borders, clamps down in Baghdad

Iraq closed its borders with Iran and Syria as United States and Iraqi troops tightened their grip on Baghdad on Thursday, setting up more checkpoints that stopped and searched even official convoys for weapons. Residents of Sadr City, stronghold of the Mehdi Army of anti-American Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, reported seeing fewer militiamen on the streets.