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Bombs kill scores in attacks on Iraq’s police

Suicide bombers and other attackers killed at least 62 people in apparently coordinated attacks on Iraqi security forces in Iraq on Wednesday.

Iraq historic oil and gas auction off to shaky start

Iraq auctioned off eight giant oil and gas fields on Tuesday in its first major tender since the 2003 invasion.

With CAP in hand

The battle for the heart of the South African university goes as far back as the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) in 1996.

Iraqi Parliament’s Sunni leader killed at mosque

The head of the Iraqi Parliament's biggest Sunni Muslim bloc was killed at a mosque on Friday, officials said.

Iraq PM: US agrees to withdraw troops by 2011

Iraq and the US have agreed that a planned security pact will require all US troops to leave by the end of 2011, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says.

Iraq’s al-Sadr threatens to scrap ceasefire

Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr threatened on Tuesday to end a truce he imposed on his militia last year, raising the prospect of worsening violence in Iraq just hours before top US officials testified on Iraq in Washington. Al-Sadr urged his Mehdi Army to ''continue your jihad and resistance'' against US forces.

Turk envoy tells Iraq no timetable for pull-out

Turkey declined on Wednesday to give Baghdad a timetable for the withdrawal of troops fighting Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq, resisting pressure from the United States and other allies to end the offensive quickly. Thousands of Turkish troops crossed the border on Thursday to root out Kurdistan Workers' Party fighters.

Hands up! Satirical paper takes aim at Iraq’s woes

An Iraqi man stands with his hands up in surrender, surrounded by an American soldier, Iraqi security forces, a militiaman, an al-Qaeda fighter and a faceless thug. ''Hands up! Legs up! Head down!'' they all bark at him as the cartoon takes a satirical swipe at how poorly ordinary Iraqis are treated.

Iraq tribal leader who fought al-Qaeda killed

A Sunni Arab tribal leader instrumental in driving al-Qaeda out of Iraq's Anbar province was killed by a bomb on Thursday, hours before United States President George Bush endorsed limited US troop cuts in Iraq. Abdul Sattar Abu Risha died in an attack on his car near his home in Ramadi, capital of Anbar.

Iraq court upholds Chemical Ali’s death sentence

An Iraqi appeals court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence against Saddam Hussein's cousin, widely known as Chemical Ali, for masterminding a genocide campaign against Iraq's Kurds in the 1980s. ''The nine appeal judges have upheld the death sentence against Ali Hassan al-Majeed,'' the chief prosecutor in the trial, Munkith al-Fatlawi, said.

Five Britons abducted in Iraq, 10 US troops killed

Gunmen in police uniforms kidnapped five Britons from a government building in Baghdad on Tuesday and the deaths of 10 United States soldiers were announced, making May the deadliest month this year for the US military. The gunmen seized the Britons from a Finance Ministry building in eastern Baghdad.

Dozens killed in Iraqi car bombings

Multiple car bombs exploded at about the same time and killed at least 40 people in a mainly Shi'ite town north of Baghdad on Thursday, officials said. A hospital source said in addition to the 40 dead, at least 80 more people were wounded in the blasts. One witness reported seeing at least eight people killed in one of the blasts.

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