Aseel Kami

Iraq’s artists disappointed by declining cultural life

Iraq's filmmakers, musicians, artists and performers say they are being stifled by religious conservatism and declining state funds.

Bomb attacks on Shi’ites and Iraqi police kill at least 48

At least 48 people were killed in Iraq on Thursday in bombings targeting Shi'ite pilgrims and police as United States troops prepare to withdraw.

Bombs kill scores in attacks on Iraq’s police

Suicide bombers and other attackers killed at least 62 people in apparently coordinated attacks on Iraqi security forces in Iraq on Wednesday.

Iraq rocked by wave of attacks

Suicide bombers, car bombs and gunmen using silencers killed at least 55 people in Iraq on Monday.

Baghdad blasts kill 95, Iraqi security criticised

A series of blasts in Baghdad on Wednesday killed 95 people and wounded 536 in Iraq's bloodiest day this year.

Baghdad rocked by series of deadly bomb blasts

A series of explosions killed at least 75 people and wounded more than 300 in central Baghdad on Wednesday.

Few displaced Iraqis return home as violence persists

Resettling displaced Iraqis is key to getting a sluggish economy going and attracting foreign investment that has proven so elusive for the country.

Cool welcome for Iraq’s returning academics

Iraqi academics who fled abroad from violence and oppression are trickling back home -- but they are finding jobs few and the welcome far from warm.

Iraq’s orphans battle to outgrow abuse

No one knows how many children had parents torn from them by the war, or the conflicts waged by Saddam against Kuwait and Iran.

Iraq holds peaceful election, Obama, UN applaud

Iraqis held their most peaceful election since the fall of Saddam Hussein on Saturday, voting for provincial councils without a single major attack.

Weapons become works of art

In a project started late last year Iraqi artists are taking objects that have brought devastation to Iraq and using them to create instead.

Baghdad museum treasures still locked from view

In Iraq's national museum a frieze shows Assyrian King Sargon II, storming a rampart as soldiers pile decapitated heads before him.

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