Rumana Akoob

‘I can’t do anything to protect myself’: Homeless women on dangers they face

The Daily Vox asked some women who spend most of their day on Durban’s streets whether they feel safe.

Why the dagga ruling isn’t a victory for stoners just yet

Marijuana users around the country celebrated after the “legalisation of dagga” on Friday, but that soon turned into confusion.

‘State must step up on taxi safety’

Drivers’ reactions to the news of two women being robbed and raped in taxis have been mixed, but the industry agrees it needs to step up precautions

Uber will ‘burn’ if it continues to run, say metered taxi drivers

The irate drivers who blockaded parts of the R24 on Friday claim the online transportation network company is 'stealing their business'.

A moment with author, activist Zuleikha Mayat

Anti-apartheid activist Zuleikha Mayat, who is also renowned for her cookbook "Indian Delights", reflects on the country's 20-year democracy.

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