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Zim MP arrested at airport

Zimbabwean police arrested a white lawmaker as he prepared to leave the country on Thursday, a day after Parliament recommended that he be given a one-year jail term for shoving a minister during a debate, his lawyer said. Roy Bennett was arrested at Harare International airport early on Thursday. <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="http://www.mg.co.za/Content/l3.asp?cg=BreakingNews-Africa&ao=124512">Tsvangirai revises opinion of Mbeki</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="http://www.mg.co.za/Content/pd.asp?cg=BreakingNews-National&ao=124509">SA govt regrets outcome of Cosatu visit</a>

Verdict expected in Zim ‘mercenaries’ trial

A Zimbabwe magistrate is expected to hand down verdicts on Friday when the trial resumes of 70 suspected mercenaries held on charges of plotting a coup in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea. The men, who include Briton Simon Mann, are accused of being at the heart of a conspiracy that allegedly includes Mark Thatcher, son of former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.
  • Thatcher was ready to flee SA
  • Sunshine City goes dark

    Living in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, is getting harder as weary residents battle with frequent power cuts, water shortages and the ever-rising prices of basic goods. Harare once boasted the nickname ''Sunshine City'' but in the depths of a Zimbabwean winter, it's looking less and less that way for all residents.

    Opposition is ‘selling out’ Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe's information minister blamed the main opposition for a damning report on human rights abuses in the country that was discussed ahead of an African Union summit in Ethiopia, state radio reported on Wednesday. The report, claimed there had been serious human rights abuses committed by the government of President Robert Mugabe.

    Zimbabwe adopts ‘fascist’ law

    Zimbabwe's Parliament has passed a tough new Bill that allows police to hold suspects for three weeks before they are brought to court. The Criminal Procedure and Evidence Amendment Bill was passed late on Wednesday despite stiff resistance from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said the party's shadow justice minister David Coltart.

    Zim court overturns govt’s school closure

    A Zimbabwe court on Thursday ordered the reopening of one of the country's top private schools, among 46 institutions closed by the government for hiking tuition fees without official permission. The victory may open up the floodgates for similar court action by other schools affected by the government decision.
  • 'Racist' Zim school to fight closure
  • Daily News launches new legal challenge

    Zimbabwe's Supreme Court on Wednesday began hearing a constitutional challenge brought by the country's main independent daily, a fierce critic of President Robert Mugabe, against tough media laws that were used to close down the newspaper last year.

    ‘We will not be silenced’

    A director of Zimbabwe's Daily News was arrested on Sunday, a day after police again shut down the troubled southern African country's only independent daily newspaper. The arrest of Washington Sansole in Bulawayo came after police occupied the paper's offices in the Harare on Saturday and briefly detained 18 staff members.

    Police shut down Daily News — again

    Police in Zimbabwe on Saturday arrested at least 18 Daily News workers and shut down the embattled paper only hours after it reappeared on the streets after a month-long government ban. The paper resumed publishing a day after a court ruled it be issued with an operating licence.
  • Daily News must be given a licence
  • Daily News must be given a licence, orders court

    A court in Zimbabwe said on Friday the country's only independent daily newspaper, The Daily News, which was shut down last month by the government, must be given a licence to operate. The court ruled that the controversial government media commission had been ''improperly constituted''.

    Zimbabwe grapples with record inflation

    Zimbabwe is grappling with record inflation of 364,5%, rising at nearly one percent a day, a nightmare for ordinary Zimbabweans.
  • Mugabe's exit plan takes shape
  • Harare quiet as Zimbabwe braces for mass action

    The streets of the Zimbabwe capital Harare were calm on Monday as Zimbabweans braced themselves for a showdown between the government and the opposition over mass street demonstrations.

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