Sabelo Mkhabela

Does trad media get amapiano?

The divide between mainstream media and amapiano artists is of both parties’ making

Meet De Mthuda, the landlord of amapiano

Amapiano super producer De Mthuda is shaping the soundtrack of summer, but prefers to speak through his music, not to journalists, except in this case ...

The Portfolio: HHP’s silver lining at Back To The City

Jabba’s Back To The City performance in 2016 was a late-career triumph for the visionary MC, but its promise would prove elusive

The 10 best HHP songs ranked (+1 for luck)

Monster hits and expressive deep cuts from HHP’s extensive catalog, ranked from best to very good by Sabeo Mkhabela

Sabelo Mkhabela’s top five podcasts

The writer of our podcast feature selects five of his favourites

Like, subscribe and comment: The rise of podcasting in South Africa

Podcasts are gaining prominence as a tool to document South African popular culture, but they still have a long way to go as a medium and business

Colouring outside the box: How local hip-hop artists are disrupting media

Artist-run platforms are overtaking traditional media, but what does this mean for a critical approach?

The Portfolio: Sabelo Mkhabela

Sabelo Mkhabela, a ‘writer who can take photos’ tells us about the image he took of American rapper Joey Bada$$ at Oppikoppi in 2017

Xenergy: Domiciled in Shane Eagle’s universe

With the pandemic crimping the flow of Xenergy, Shane Eagle has released a virtual performance in the form of a visual album

The new wave way: How SA’s now generation moves different

South Africa’s newest stars have turned to the internet and cultivated cult followings to launch themselves onto the global music scene

Connecting through silence with Zoë Modiga

Zoë Modiga’s sound played through headphones cuts any distance between her and the audience

Like God’s eye, T’s rap sees all

Some see his work as a form of journalism but it’s to beats that weave between boom bap and trap

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