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McBride case opens can of worms

The suspended IPID boss appears set to accuse minister of having ulterior motives

Why did Zuma kill the Nxasana inquiry?

The inquiry into the NPA boss has been cancelled by the president, who says he is currently "engaging with Nxasana".

Court damns Krejcir investigation

A judge has condemned the lies and actions of a senior police officer assigned to the case.

Court orders cops to return Paul O’Sullivan’s seized files

A copy can be made of the data taken from the forensic auditor’s office but it must be kept sealed pending an appeal, the high court has ruled.

Krejcir, the cop and the ‘free’ Hilux

New claims speak of a close association between the Czech fugitive and former officer Joey Mabasa

Hawks boss offered R3m to walk away

Anwa Dramat is holding out for more but police watchdog head Robert McBride is fighting back.

Can’t trust the Hawks: Lolly accused

Concerns alluded to by George Louca’s lawyer underline sensitive issues with the investigators

Hawks boss Dramat fears for his life

Hawks commander Anwa Dramat is reported to believe he will be assassinated unless he walks away quietly.

Selebi’s nemesis targets Phiyega

The private investigator credited with taking down Jackie Selebi, Paul O'Sullivan, has set his sights on police commissioner Riah Phiyega.

Aurora fight casts light on the Bhanas’ suspect dealings

Controversial Bhana family not giving in

Zuma’s lawyer was embroiled in Aurora

Court documents allege that Michael Hulley – despite his denials – was an Aurora director.

Once-mighty men eat humble pie

Fugitive Krejcir and career cop Mdluli appeared in the same courthouse this week

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