Seán Mfundza Muller

Renewable energy’s dark side

As countries expand investment in decentralised renewable energy, its worth keeping an eye on who’s profiting.

Use the workplace to stop socially embedded violence

The judicial system alone and appealing to miscreants has not stopped attacks on women

Just what is ‘economics for Africa’?

A relevant economics curriculum should include different schools of thought and students must learn to engage with these in a critical way

The university is not a factory

University managers try to churn out as many products as possible at as low a quality as they can get away with

Budget 2018: First steps towards a recovery, but at what cost?

Whether measures announced by Gigaba will stave off a downgrade by the remaining credit rating agency remains to be seen.

Free higher education in South Africa: Cutting through the lies and statistics

Zuma’s free higher education proposal is the worst kind of populism. It’s been sold as a radically progressive policy with no negative consequences.

JZ’s fees plan ‘reckless, regressive’

The president’s proposed policy for 2018 lacks the critical foresight to truly lay the groundwork to improve access to education

What the hijacking of treasury means for the economy

The Conversation Africa’s Sibonelo Radebe asked Seán Muller to weigh up the implications.

What the hijacking of South Africa’s Treasury means for the economy

The imposition of the fee-free higher education proposal on National Treasury without due consideration represents an escalation of state capture

SA needs to sober up to save itself from sickly SEOs

There is no good case for bailing out South African Airways, it's simply a matter of avoiding a potentially catastrophic debt default.

Explainer: Why amendments to SA’s ‘Money Bills Act’ matter

The amendments to South Africa's Money Bills Act don't go far enough - for one, they do not address incoherence in Parliament's oversight of taxes.

Why Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom can’t be justified

A closer look at the supposed successes of Brian Molefe at the power utility, Eskom, shows that they are not what they have been made out to be.

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