Seán Muller
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/ 21 April 2006

Cereal offenders: Banks make a meal of charges

Some time ago, in mid-2004, there was a glimmer of hope that the national Treasury might be gearing up to finally take on the issue of excessive market power in South Africa’s banking sector. There are numerous manifestations of this problem, but it is painfully obvious to most of us in the area of banking charges.

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/ 10 December 2004

Blood feud

The so-called blood transfusion scandal illustrates precisely why we need technocrats and why it can be dangerous to air technocratic arguments in public — there should not be a simple opposition to technocracy, as argued in a recent M&G supplement. In many instances, there is little room for misinterpretation of statistics, as the process of interpretation is itself just a conversion of the statistics into a different form.

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/ 15 March 2003

The best medicine for the people

Those worst affected by Aids need much more than anti-retrovirals. If the money is available it should arguably be spent on extending social welfare, basic services and supporting subsistence agriculture as well as boosting prevention programmes if we really want to help those worst affected by HIV/Aids.