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The real water crisis: Not understanding what’s needed

The real crisis with water supply is that South Africa doesn't know what it doesn't know

Panic over water in Gauteng is misplaced

The department of water and sanitation has plans in place to ensure adequate water supply until 2040 and beyond

Why UNESCO’s ‘natural solutions’ to water problems won’t work in Africa

Nature based approaches to solving water problems originated in Europe and don't take into account the continent's huge infrastructure deficit.

What about the day after Day Zero?

'The starting point is to admit that we don’t know — the future is just too uncertain'

Rest in power, Miriam Tlali: Author, enemy of apartheid and feminist

Tlali was the first black South African woman to publish a novel in English within the country’s borders.

South Africa’s water sector: a case study in state capture

The minister of water affairs and sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane, stands at the centre of the unfolding tragedy

Give us water penalties, please

Municipalities should monitor our water use to let households know when to turn down the taps.

Fear of the feminine recurs

Anti-gay and women's 'decency' laws are sides of the same coin and reflect men's patriarchy.

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