Sefako Nyaka

Quarter million workers vote to strike

More than 280 000 workers in the metal and mining industries have voted to go on strike to resolve wage disputes in the industries.

Azapo prepares for crackdown

The Azanian Peoples' Organisation believes the detention of over 70 of its members this week might be a prelude to a nationwide crackdown.

Bloody night after mine fight

A Mr Betram at JCI head office said shaft stewards ''were taken to a shaft for disciplinary action''.

Another post office dispute looms

The union has compiled a 14-page dossier listing a range of examples to support its accusations.

Did a baby die for a mine ID card?

Little Nozipho's death comes about two month after mine management introduced a stringent ''ID card system'' on the mine.

Week-long strike – at the bottom of a mine shaft

800 men protest - 1.5km down

Monday at work for returned postal strikers

The PTTI threatened international disruption of South Africa's communication links if a settlement was not reached.

We were forced down, claim miners on strike below ground

According to the NUM the workers were locked out last Friday and given until Monday this week to return to work or face dismissal.

Eight weeks … 11 fatal mine accidents

The National Union of Mineworkers has called for a government-appointed commission of enquiry.

Confessions of the bumbling spies

We probe the extraordinary tales of seven ANC captives who claim to have been recruited as spies by the South African authorities.

Riddles of the Cosatu blast

A security guard at the building, Stanley Khumalo, yesterday said he heard a loud bang before the building was filled with smoke.

Cosatu House sealed off again

In a statement last night, the SA Police said Cosatu House was being used by individuals to perpetrate violence.

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