Sethembiso Zulu
Born in Vosloorus, a township located east of Johannesburg in South Africa, Zulu is an artist, writer , documentary photographer, filmmaker, Healer and an ardent Jazz vinyl collector. He attained an affinity for the photographic medium at an early age. Notwithstanding that he was surrounded by different forms of artistic practices during his childhood, he took a liking to “camera work”, which he explored through being a multimedia content producer for various media outlets and of course through his own artistic practice. Zulu’s oeuvre comprises other enthralling, photographic works such as Fafi (2015), and Jazz Colossus (2009-2019), which in their own ways both attend to the quotidian experiences of township and urban living. But in these specific series, Inzila, Ukwambulelwa, and Ikhaya Lika Moya, one gets a clearer sense of his preoccupation with detailing themes concerning ancestry and divination practice.