Shigemi Sato

Delegates return to N Korea nuclear talks

North Korean, Russian, United States and South Korean delegates discussing ways to scrap North Korea's nuclear-weapons programme returned to the main talks venue late on Wednesday, fuelling speculation they would meet overnight to try to agree on basic principles for ending the three-year stand-off.

Japan marks anniversary of subway gas attack

Japan on Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of a gas attack that killed 12 people and injured about 5 500 on the Tokyo subway as the cult responsible apologised anew for the worst terror act in the country's modern history. The Aum Supreme Truth released nerve gas on five trains during the morning rush hour on March 20 1995.

North Korea wakes to economic reform

North Korea is awakening from an egalitarian communist dream with vast economic reforms, ranging from price and wage spirals to a phase-out of state rationing and a currency shake-up.

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