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UN: Violence is increasing in Darfur camps

Violence is increasing in camps for displaced people in Darfur, where nearly a quarter million people have been displaced so far this year, a United Nations report said on Monday. The United Nations said rising violence in the overcrowded camps of the remote region of western Sudan was making it harder to carry out humanitarian aid work.

Floods kill dozens in Sudan

Flash floods and rains in Sudan have killed 59 people and damaged 35 000 homes, Awad Widatallah Hussein, spokesperson for the government's emergency response committee, said on Thursday. Officials described the floods as the worst in memory.

Sudan bombs civilian targets in Darfur, says US envoy

The Sudanese government has resumed bombing civilian targets in the war-ravaged western region of Darfur, the United States special envoy for Darfur said on Friday. ''After a halt in the bombing between the beginning of February and the end of April in 2007, the Sudanese government has resumed bombing in Darfur,'' Andrew Natsios said.

AU faces serious funding crunch in Darfur

African Union peacekeepers in Sudan's war-torn Darfur region are facing a serious funding crunch that has affected morale ahead of deployment of a planned United Nations-AU force, the head of the joint mission said on Wednesday. Under sustained pressure, Sudan agreed last month to a combined UN-AU peacekeeping force of 20 000 troops.

US calls for hybrid Darfur force

The United States urged Sudan on Monday to accept United Nations troops as part of a hybrid peacekeeping force for Darfur as the world body awaited word from the African Union (AU) on reports Khartoum had agreed to a joint deployment. The Saudi state news agency reported that Sudan had signed a deal with the UN and the AU on deployment of African and UN forces.

Refugee tragedy unfolds amid Cairo Eid celebrations

As Muslims held a mass prayer at Cairo's Mustafa Mahmud mosque, the personal tragedies of Sudanese refugees continued to unfold a few metres away, screened off from the Eid al-Fitr festival like an eyesore. For the rituals marking the end of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, the authorities had temporarily erected coloured screens to hide the chaotic makeshift camp from the mosque.

At least 32 dead in Egypt theatre blaze

At least 32 people perished in a fire in an Egyptian theatre apparently set off by lighted candles used on stage, with the blaze provoking a deadly stampede as burning spectators tried to flee. The fire is the worst Egypt has witnessed in years and sent shockwaves through the country's artistic community.

Sudan’s Kiir sworn in

Salva Kiir was sworn in as Sudan's First Vice-President on Thursday, facing the enormous tasks of implementing a landmark peace deal and carrying on the legacy of his charismatic predecessor John Garang. The ceremony at Khartoum's Republican Palace was brief and low-key compared with Garang's lavish swearing-in.

Sudan toll rises as Garang funeral draws near

The death toll from days of rioting triggered by the death of John Garang hit 130 on Thursday as throngs of south Sudanese paid tribute to their revered former rebel leader on the journey to his final resting place. The streets of Khartoum were quieter after the frenzy of ethnically driven violence following Garang's death.

Sudan rebel leader on historic Khartoum visit

Former southern rebel leader John Garang was due to arrive in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on Friday on his first visit to the city in more than 22 years following a January peace accord with the Sudanese government. Garang will be sworn in as Sudan's first vice-president and president of a semi-autonomous southern region.

Annan hears tales of abuse in Darfur

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan visited Darfur on Saturday after warning warring parties and international donors that time is running out to avoid an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. He was confronted with the devastation caused by more than two years of fighting between ethnic minority rebels and government forces.

Boost aid, ask African leaders at summit

African leaders meeting in Egypt on Tuesday begged for cash ahead of July's Group of Eight summit, but poor attendance showed tepid faith in the continent's ability to achieve the stability and transparency meant to underpin the meeting. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak urged donors to boost their contributions.

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