Sintha Chiumia

Are 60% of SA’s sex workers HIV positive?

Previous studies to determine how many of South Africa's 150 000 sex workers are HIV positive have been limited in scope, says Africa Check.

Do a third of SA women have a baby by 19?

A health department official has claimed that a third of SA women have a child by 19. The claim is based on data from 1998. Does it hold true?

Do a third of SA women have a baby by the time they are 19?

A health department official, based on data from 1998, has claimed a third of South African women have a child by the age of 19 but does it hold true?

Has the ANC moved South Africa forward?

The ANC says it has a "good story to tell" ahead of the May 7 election. Does the story stand up to scrutiny? Africa Check examines the claims.

Zuma’s 2014 State of the Nation address fact-checked

President Jacob Zuma celebrated his government's achievements in his fifth State of the Nation address. How did he fare?

Is Facebook post that SA is worse off now than 19 years ago true?

Africa Check investigates whether claims in a viral Facebook post about South Africa under the ANC are true. Are we really worse off?

Do 12 Africans die of hunger every minute?

Available data suggests the claim that 12 Africans die of hunger every minute - recently made by a Nepad adviser - is exaggerated.

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