Siphokazi Magadla

25 Years after Beijing: Changing the script about women’s leadership

Women in Africa should not be viewed as having ‘special negotiating skills’. Instead, we should motivate for more women in leadership positions because of their equality as citizens

Fela in Versace: how popular culture is driving 21st century pan-Africanism

When the AU is making promising strides in realising African integration through the adoption of pop culture, what lessons should be taken from them?

The people’s war updated

An underground operative challenges many established views about important aspects of the struggle

Matrifocality and shared motherhood

African women have always contributed to the economy of the home, well before the advent of the colonial system

Oliver Tambo: Acre by acre in a time of rupture?

Can the #FeesMustFall movement draw from Tambo's approach to resistance?

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