Sishuwa Sishuwa

This is how Hichilema is undermining democracy in Zambia

Zambia’s incumbent president was elected on promises to undo wrongs in the Lungu administration. But there are worrying signs he’s not the fighter for democracy he styled himself to be

Africans want consensual democracy – why is that reality so hard to accept?

It is both misleading and patronising to suggest that democracy has somehow been imposed by the international community against the wishes of ordinary people. Instead, it has been demanded and fought for from below

Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda was the last of Africa’s ‘philosopher kings’

The liberation legend died on Thursday at a military hospital in Lusaka, aged 97

Zambia may burn after the August elections. Here’s how to prevent this

The public’s lack of trust in formal institutions means the election is a potential tinderbox. The people of Zambia need to challenge the status quo

This is how Lungu is planning to rig Zambia’s 2021 general election

The president is trying to amend the Constitution and create a new voters’ roll in a bid to stay in power

Campaigning together, but on their own

Social media is driving a new – largely anonymous – form of protest in Zimbabwe and Zambia

In Zambia, Covid-19 has claimed democracy, not human life

The novel coronavirus has not only claimed Zambian lives, but has also put the country’s democracy at stake

Africa must resist cultural imperialism, be it Chinese or Western

This is a response to Mathew Blatchford’s column ‘Don’t attack the Chinese — learn from their example’

Cultural imperialism with Chinese characteristics

Africa is on the frontline of China’s neocolonial project. We must resist

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