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South Sudan opposition alleges poll fraud

Opposition groups in south Sudan accused soldiers and officials on Wednesday of tampering with ballots and intimidating polling agents.

Sudan starts historic vote amid confusion

Confusion, delays and charges of fraud marked the start of Sudan's first multi-party elections in a quarter-century.

Armed tribesmen attack south Sudan villagers, soldiers

Tribesmen attacked a village in south Sudan on Sunday, overwhelming soldiers guarding the settlement and killing an unknown number.

Tribal killings stir dark memories in south Sudan

Daruka Lueth knew it was no ordinary cattle-rustling raid the moment armed tribesmen circled her south Sudanese village and opened fire.

Hundreds killed in tribal violence in Sudan’s south

At least 177 people have been killed in weekend attacks on villages of the Lou Nuer tribe by armed men from the Murle ethnic group in south Sudan.

SABMiller to be Sudan’s first brewer in 25 years

SABMiller said it would launch a lager in south Sudan, the first beer produced since Islamic law shut down the region's last brewery 25 years ago.

Welcome new attention to maternal care in Sudan

Aid flowing to South Sudan following a 2005 peace deal is beginning to improve healthcare for women.

Uganda troops told to leave South Sudan

The government of South Sudan ordered Ugandan troops hunting rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army to leave its territory on Monday.

Deadly oil town dispute festers in Sudan

A thatched roof propped up by sticks provides the only shelter from driving rain for Sudanese mother Akur Chol Akur and her three young sons.

Sudan says Uganda rebels kill troops, start ‘war’

Ugandan rebels have killed 23 people including 14 south Sudanese soldiers and ''started war'', a south Sudanese minister said on Saturday.

Fighting the ‘fiery serpent’ in Sudan

Rheumy-eyed Chief Joseph Lokoi has lived through two civil wars in south Sudan, but the scars covering his body are not the relics of battle.

South Sudanese accuse Khartoum of sending troops

South Sudanese officials accused the government on Tuesday of reinforcing troops in the disputed oil town of Abyei, raising tensions as United Nations Security Council envoys flew in to shore up a peace deal. Clashes in Abyei last month increased fears of a return to war between the northern government and the south.

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