Solomon Dersso, The Continent

Brace yourselves for a new Cold War

Africa is again becoming the stage for the proxy wars of foreign powers

Coups are always a bad idea – even the popular ones

Why are coups happening more frequently? The most significant trend is the deepening democratic deficit across many African countries, and a corresponding decline in effective enforcement of democratic norms

Evaluating the African Charter, 40 years on

Africa is nowhere near achieving the promises of the African Charter, which only underscores its importance

African Union wants vaccine patent waiver

The continental body has thrown its weight behind calls to improve access to Covid-19 vaccines

We need an outpouring of outrage about Africans killed by security forces

As Africa mourns George Floyd, we must look in the mirror and address police brutality on our own continent

In the face of the pandemic, human rights are a necessity

The Covid-19 pandemic is throwing the poor governance of some African countries into sharp relief

To really silence the guns, the AU’s resolve must be stronger

Conflict in Africa — and the world — is on the rise. The continent needs to take concrete measures to stop the escalating violence

AU pushes the frontiers of transitional justice

Now these important policy developments must be implemented

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