Songezo Zibi

Wanted: A credible evangelist for land

Restitution needs an efficient process with clear principles to fulfil spiritual and material needs

Editorial process and opinion on content are two separate factors

The fake identity issue is a red herring. There are very important principles at play - including the selective silencing of views some may not like.

Lessons for national healing

Read this edited extract from Songezo Zibi's book, Raising the Bar: Hope and Renewal in South Africa.

Agent Provocateur: SABC soapie calls for reality check

Cadre deployment must end so the corporation can fulfil its public mandate.

Success demands self-sacrifice

Leaders in the public and private sectors must show they are serious about change.

FNB cowardly to capitulate to ANC

As the storm over the disastrous FNB ad campaign blows over, it's important to examine its implications for SA as a budding democratic society.

Education: Celebrating failure says it all

The failure of education is political and goes back to the importance we attach to it, says Songezo Zibi.

Songezo Zibi: Nkandla exposes corporate rot

It is fashionable to blame politicians for a lack of ethics, but they are abetted by business

State institutions shape the future

Businesses will circumvent the law to protect their interests if government is corrupt, writes Songezo Zibi.

Legitimacy in a time of political perversion

As Julius Malema and others face criminal charges, the whiff of political interference is in the air again.

Nonracialism and the untouchables

We need a generation of black people who refuse to be defined by the victimhood of colonialism, writes <b>Songezo Zibi</b>.

Showing their true colours

It is time for the public to take responsibility for choosing the corrupt and dishonest to lead us.

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