Sophie Kevany
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/ 6 May 2008

Influential US critic pans Bordeaux 2007

Influential United States wine critic Robert Parker has drawn long faces in Bordeaux, handing out a series of low scores, and telling buyers not to bother with the 2007 vintage unless chateaux owners cut prices substantially. ”There is unquestionably little need to buy these wines as futures, unless dramatic price reductions occur,” said Parker.

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/ 21 February 2008

Wine aplenty, but no bottles

Asked about his plans for lighter, eco-friendly glass bottles and packaging, the head of a southern French wine company this week said that simply was not the issue. "The issue is glass supply. We have a big problem, we cannot get bottles to put our wine in," said Jean-Claude Mas.

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/ 1 March 2006

French winemakers mull screw cap vs cork

To lovers of fine wine there is no more satisfying sound then the pop of a cork as a favourite vintage is opened. The twist of a screw cap just doesn’t carry the same hint of promise. But the metal top is moving up market. "We are convinced about screw caps. They are better, certainly for white wine," said Veronique Bouffard, communications manager at Andre Lurton.

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/ 6 December 2005

Bordeaux winemakers hunt for silver bullet

Driven by an infernal spiral of shrinking markets and falling prices at home and abroad, Bordeaux’s wine producers are searching, sometimes desperately, for new ways to bring their fabled product to market. For many — including more than a few venerable chateaux — there is no margin of error: they must adapt or die.