Stephan Hofstatter
Stephan Hofstatter works from Johannesburg. Investigative journalist and author Stephan Hofstatter has over 1583 followers on Twitter.
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/ 4 May 2007

‘Bring machines, and we will fight’

A potentially violent backlash looms in Pondoland over efforts by an Australian company to persuade villagers to back controversial plans to mine an environmentally sensitive strip of the Wild Coast. The department of minerals and energy is processing an application by Australia’s Mineral Commodities to mine the Xolobeni dunes south of Port Edward.

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/ 16 August 2005

Fences not the only barrier for cross-border park

The Pafuri-Banyini pan in South Africa’s north-eastern Kruger National Park teems with game. Elephant bulls amble among clumps of marula trees and impala leap gracefully across the grassland, where buffalo graze. Located in the triangle between the Limpopo and Luvuvhu rivers where South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique meet, the pan is more than an idyllic corner of the Kruger park.

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/ 16 November 2004

Making greens out of blacks and whites

A decade into democracy in South Africa, visitor figures for the country’s national parks still reflect a legacy of racial exclusion. Officials say up to 18 months ago, less than 4% of visitors were black. Although statistics for November show higher figures, perceptions remain of conservation as an elitist pastime confined to a white minority.