Stephen Chan

Troubled Zim now faces tough foreign policy choices

The time for words is over – the world wants to see positive action if it is going to engage and invest

Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe inches forward – but where is it headed?

Zimbabwe has high hopes for a post-Mugabe era, but it has some serious growing pains to deal with first

Africa leads the way in election technology, but there’s a long way to go

African democracies are embracing electronic voting far more confidently than the West.

A tale of two elections: SA, Zambia’s anointed leaders face very different challenges

​Watching the South African metro elections from Zambia, in the final week of its own national election campaign, was a sobering experience.

Zim Constitution is something small to celebrate

It provides an expansive Bill of Rights with citizen capacities to enforce those rights in law.

Back to the future

<b>Sukasha Singh</b> gets in touch with her inner crash test dummy in the newly upgraded Honda Accord.

Zimbabwe: A nation humbled

Three great foreign policy relationships will need to be addressed after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. The first concerns the West and is of prime economic importance. The second is the burgeoning rapport between Harare and the Chinese. The third is the delicate question of how to manage the irrevocable influence of South Africa.

A new, humble Zimbabwe

There will be three great foreign policy issues facing a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe -- its relations with the West, especially economic relations; its relationship with the Chinese; and its relationship with South Africa, writes Stephen Chan. Rebuilding links with the West, severed or damaged by Mugabe, will take time and patience.

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