Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan works from Sydney, New South Wales. Helping business transform and embrace the digital economy. Working for SAP and living in Sydney Australia. All views expressed are my own. Stephen Chan has over 1886 followers on Twitter.
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/ 3 May 2007

Zimbabwe: A nation humbled

Three great foreign policy relationships will need to be addressed after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. The first concerns the West and is of prime economic importance. The second is the burgeoning rapport between Harare and the Chinese. The third is the delicate question of how to manage the irrevocable influence of South Africa.

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/ 19 April 2007

A new, humble Zimbabwe

There will be three great foreign policy issues facing a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe — its relations with the West, especially economic relations; its relationship with the Chinese; and its relationship with South Africa, writes Stephen Chan. Rebuilding links with the West, severed or damaged by Mugabe, will take time and patience.