Steve Kretzmann

New housing deal proposed to break apartheid barriers

City of Cape Town could use its golf courses and bowling greens for low cost housing, says report

Sunny days for Western Cape’s Swartland

The Swartland, made famous throughout the country by WeetBix's old advertising campaign, is characterised by undulating fields of wheat planted and harvested in orderly rows and a few industrious rural towns cleansed by the wind and the sun shining from a clear blue sky.

Pitching and bitching

The Sithengi Film and Television Market has left a bitter taste in the mouths of some filmmakers and directors, who say the pitching sessions, had effectively been hijacked by the national broadcaster. Steve Kretzmann reports.

Refugees’ right to work goes to court

The right of refugees to work in South Africa's private security industry -- and by extension, in all fields regulated by trade or professional bodies -- are crunch issues in an upcoming battle in the Pretoria High Court. The case has a crucial bearing on whether regulatory bodies can implement their own legislation -- ironically, also a constitutional right.

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