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Steve Vosloo

Gr8 way 2 read

Yoza Cellphone Stories are doing much to foster a culture of reading among young adults, writes <b>Steve Vosloo</b>.

Beyond the printed word

In a digital age, the wonderful world of books is accessible to many more people, writes <b>Steve Vosloo</B>.

A book library on your phone

Yoza is encouraging young people to enjoy reading by publishing stories they can access on their cellphones.

m-Novels: the way to get teens reading and writing more?

On 30 September 2009, the world's first mobile novel -- or m-novel -- published in both English and isiXhosa was launched. <em>Kontax</em>, a teen mystery story, was created for the Shuttleworth Foundation's m4Lit project, which I lead. Standing for "mobiles for literacy" the project aims to explore whether teens are interested in reading stories on their cellphones, whether and how they write using their cellphones, and whether cellphones might be used to develop literacy skills and a love of reading.

Txt savvy 4 2morrow

When you consider the increasingly digital lives of young people -- called "generation text" - you realise how important it is to explore the effect of cellphone texting on learner literacy.

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