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Sukasha Singh

We need more driver education

I have never been nasty and respect others' property. I have had a nasty individual key-walk my car from one end to the other.'' From a second-hand Ford Grenada to two top-of-the-range BMWs, Schabir Shaik shares his motoring experiences with Sukasha Singh.

Jazzed up

The Honda Jazz, which has scored top marks in the JD Powers and Associates customer satisfaction survey for two years in a row, now has a more powerful model in the range that is aimed at attracting a clientele looking for more performance ... and it's an amazing little vehicle.

Driving with the top down

"The all-new Mazda MX-5 is designed by those clever Japanese folk who make everything seem so simple. Given that Gauteng is permanently dogged by rain clouds, I wasn't given much opportunity to drive with the top down, but when I could, taking the roof down and putting it back up was simple," writes Sukasha Singh.

‘I still miss my Beetle …’

"I like to get to where I am going without a fuss. I also enjoy power steering, air conditioning and a radio for news." Cape Town mayor Helen Zille once spent an entire month's salary on a traffic offence. She speaks to Sukasha Singh about cars.

Brute force

The Subaru Impreza WRX STi is an amazingly powerful vehicle. It's nothing like the comfortable sedans we've become accustomed to, the sort of cars that deliver the performance, but are also focused on making the ride as cushy as possible. Nope, none of that namby-pamby thinking for this legendary beast.

Old-fashioned charm

Jeremy Clarkson and his crew at <i>Top Gear</i> hated the look of the new Chrysler PT Cruiser cabriolet so much that, after looking at a picture of the vehicle on screen, they winced, turned away and proclaimed it to be one of the ugliest vehicles they had ever seen. All three of them (Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) were unusually unanimous in this judgement.

New Jetta is better

The first Jetta, even Volkswagen employees admit, was nothing more than a "Golf with a rucksack". After that mistake many years ago, VW has gone to great lengths to make the Jetta more than just a sedan version of the hatchback Golf and, for the most part, it has succeeded.

Little car with a big heart

Nissan has introduced its first diesel passenger vehicle to South Africa, the Micra 1,5 dCi Tekna. It is the first three-door Micra on our market and the reduction in size does give it a certain agility that the other Micras lack. Then again, it also has a turbo-diesel engine and is surprisingly one of the most driveable turbo-powered cars.

Foreplay on four wheels

"The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class represents the pinnacle of car-making excellence to the car-buying public. It is a blend of technology that Mercedes-Benz has been perfecting over decades. The technology on the new S-Class is by far its most astounding attribute and one can only hope that, such expensive technology becomes commonplace," writes Sukasha Singh.

Who’s your daddy? Fossil hunters find new dinosaur

Fossil hunters in China say they have found the earliest known forerunner of the Tyrannosaurus rex, the mighty flesh-ripping dinosaur beloved of children and Hollywood. Uncovered in Wucaiwan in the western province of Xinjiang, the species has been dubbed Guanlong wucaii -- which means ''crowned dragon of the five-coloured rocks''.

Too fast for the stalkers

Most journalists don't have much fashion sense. Asking a journalist what's in or what's cool to wear this season is about as wise as asking Dubya how to make the world a peaceful place. My lack of fashion sense was highlighted with the arrival recently of the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55.

Super-duper Subaru

When you think Subaru, you automatically think of phenomenal cars such as the amazingly powerful Impreza WRX. You think speed, you think performance and you think of the sort of power that has made Subaru a force to be reckoned with. But you don't think family saloon. However, the new Legacy range is about to change all that.

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