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Sukasha Singh

Better harmony in new Sonata

It was very clever of the Hyundai marketing folk to have a few models of the outgoing Sonata in the showroom with the new Sonata, simply because the new one is a revolutionary departure from the old in just about every aspect. The exterior styling is the most notable improvement.

If only mum was paying

I couldn't think of a better way in which to put the new Mercedes-Benz C320 CDi through its paces than a road trip. So my mum, my sister and I packed everything but the kitchen sink and set off to Durban at 4.30am. The air was crisp and the roads were mostly clear, so it was the perfect opportunity for some spirited driving.

Cool runnings

Not only does the Honda FR-V make a good first impression, but it reinforces that initial advantage at every opportunity, making the second, third, fourth, and so on, impressions as positive as the first. In a nutshell, the FR-V looks good, handles well, seats six people and shows off why Honda achieves such impressive scores on the JD Power and Associates survey.

Hasta la vista, baby

"I'm sure it was someone far more learned who said "With great power comes great responsibility" -- but, for now, my only recollection is of Spiderman's uncle lecturing an impatient Spidey in the 2002 movie. Those words popped into my head the first time I put my foot flat on the accelerator of the new Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Roadster," writes Sukasha Singh.

Seize the breeze

"The wind in your hair, the African sun on your face, the blue skies above. My week with the upgraded Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 convertible would have been a near-perfect driving experience had it not been for that subspecies of male drivers and passengers who see the convertible as an opportunity to support the idea that there is indeed biological proof of the missing link," writes Sukasha Singh.

Topless and still tasteful

"After taking a little while to figure out how the retractable steel roof works, I got into the new Opel Tigra TwinTop 1,8-litre Sport and was constantly surprised by how it handled itself. The exterior styling is very appealing, though the rear lights are unusually large and really do stand out in a crowd," writes Sukasha Singh.

Taking it up a notch

"It was clever of our head instructor Mark Allison to start the 4-Rings Driving Academy's High Performance Driving Course with a little lecture about driver etiquette considering some of the participants looked like Fernando Alonso wannabes whose only interest was putting those pedals to the metal," writes Sukasha Singh.

Understated appeal

The new 3-Series exhibits the least controversial design, yet it seems to be the one that the most consideration has gone into. It has an aggressive snout which pays tribute to the performance of the model, sleek lines with nicely rounded wheel arches and an overall aesthetic befitting the lineage of the car.

All power to the star

"At the launch of the new V6 engine additions for the current C-Class range in Stellenbosch, I had the opportunity to speak to Leithgöb at length and try as I might to punch holes into his theories, there was no giving way to his placid "you need to understand the philosophy behind the Mercedes-Benz brand", writes Sukasha Singh.

Merc’s clever new coupé

The CLS is quite simply a perfect combination of elegance, comfort and performance. It's the sort of car you can comfortably cruise around in when you don't want to put much effort into driving and it's the kind of car that transforms with the flick of a switch -- almost like a superhero.

Elegant, yet sporty hatch

For the first time in its history, Audi has outsold BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the first quarter of this year in Europe and a significant portion of those sales can be attributed to the new Audi A3 Sportback, which was launched in South Africa at the beginning of July.

Nissan at its zenith

The Nissan 350Z roadster is the bestselling sports car in this country, it outperforms most two-seater competitors, including the Mercedes-Benz 350 SLK and Chrysler's Crossfire roadster, it won Cabriolet of the Year at this year's Geneva Motor Show, it sticks to the road like glue, ... Does it do the dishes after dinner too?

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