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The Nkonki Pact Part 3: Eskom funded Essa’s capture of audit firm

Two weeks ago Nkonki's CEO resigned after we revealed that Gupta lieutenant Salim Essa funded his buyout of the firm. Now we explore Eskom's role.

Nkonki CEO resigns after we expose Gupta fronting deal

Audit firm also promises independent probe, while regulator demands answers.

The Nkonki Pact Part 2: Eskom’s new billion-rand consulting deal for Essa & Co

When auditing firm Nkonki fell in the Gupta orbit via a management buyout funded by Salim Essa, things started going very right for it at Eskom.

Tegeta threatens Eskom coal supply

Tegeta threatens to shut down coal supply to Hendrina power station just as Eskom discovers thousands of tons of coal have gone ‘missing’.

The McKinsey dossier part 3 – Eskom tells McKinsey and Trillian to #PayBackTheMoney

Eskom moves to reclaim R1.6bn for a consulting project that left it “open to excessive economic exposure” according to a confidential report.

The McKinsey dossier part 2 – contract to pay McKinsey and Trillian R1.6-bn ‘invalid’

Eskom could have saved a billion rand or more had it not settled with consultants on the basis of a contract that never was.

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