Sven Appel

End of the conventional hard drive in sight?

This might well be the beginning of the end for the hard drive: in mid-May, Dell became the first manufacturer to market a laptop using flash memory instead of a hard drive. Other manufacturers will be joining the company before year's end with solid-state disk (SSD) technology of their own. For users, this is all good news.

Windows is dead; long live Windows

Windows XP, the current dominant operating system, has met its successor. Vista will launch its bid to conquer PCs worldwide under the Microsoft banner starting on January 30. Millions of XP users will supposedly be convinced to make the switch, but that may be more difficult than advertised.

Get in touch with your PC

Laptops aren't great for note-taking. But who wants to write everything down and then decipher their scribbles before typing it all into their computer? Enter Tablet PCs, possibly the perfect solution to this problem. Users can input handwritten notes directly and many models even have a record audio option.

Linux on your laptop: look before you leap

Users who do their computing on the go should do some research before installing Linux on their laptop computers.

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