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Uncertain future for migrants at Methodist church

For thousands of Zimbabweans who flee their troubled country, the Central Methodist Church in downtown Johannesburg is the only home they know.

SA faces major crisis over Aids orphans

While South Africa's HIV-infection rate may have stabilised, experts warn that the slow response to the pandemic has triggered a time bomb.

World Cup stadiums 95% complete

Once a headache for the LOC, the 10 stadiums for the 2010 World Cup are now pride and joy as they are set to be ready in time for the soccer showpiece

SA applies finishing touches to World Cup stadiums

Once a headache for the local organising committee, the 10 South African stadiums for the Soccer World Cup are now set to be ready on time.

EU not ready to lift Zimbabwe sanctions

The European Union is not ready to end its sanctions against Zimbabwe, Sweden's Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said on Thursday.

SA fashion designer inspired by her rural roots

Brought to Africa by German settlers, the cotton ''isishweshwe'' fabric has shrugged off its colonial origins to become a symbol of urban Afro wear.

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